Events  Sunday, April 22, 2018  – attend this event with 120+ holistic and health exhibitors! Inspiring speakers, unique vendors, gifted healers and intuitive readers. It is being held at the Double Tree Hotel – 455 So. Broadway, Tarrytown, NY 10591.

Harmony in Chakras Book Signing – AwakenFair in Tarrytown, NY
Stop by and meet several of the 34 authors of The Chakra Collective and get your Harmony in Chakras book signed by one or more!!! Appearances rotate throughout the day so come and say hello often. Here is your chance to meet Ivy Black, Joan Carra, Noelle Lauren, Erolina Matthews, Monica Bennett, Yaffa Regev, Tiziana Rinaldi Castro, Trent Rhodes, Dee Savoy, Shanna Marie Wallace, Olivia Whiteman, Brenda Yarnold and others. Updates of guest appearances will be available in on this site during April.  Visit to discover more about this holistic wellness event with healers, readers and great vendors.

Moving from Self-Defeat to Self-Love – with transformational life coach and a certified theta healing practitioner, Tiziana Rinaldi.
“I can’t do it, “I must not”, I don’t deserve it”, “I’m not good enough”, “I won’t succeed”, “I am too…”, “I am not”, “If only I could”.How many times have these beliefs moved your objective farther away from you, even caused you to postpone or abandon your deepest aspirations all together? Have you considered why? And, most importantly, how to change it? As dissonant notes thrown together on a music sheet would never produce a melody worthy of being played or sung, these notions of self-defeat can snuff the creative energy out of us. And they do. We get disoriented and lose our pace, the rhythm is gone, then the way. Why do we have them? And how do we let go of them?  What we need is the right question to put us back on track! I can help you find it within and ask it!

Master Chakra Activation: Live a Life You Love – with  fulfillment coach Olivia Whiteman This unique class that has both spiritual and practical solutions for creating a life of accomplishments that you desire. Olivia’s innovative approach balances the chakra system as well as creates steps for goal setting that result in  a more productive life. From years of training people, Olivia says, I realized that the key to releasing clients’ blocks was to bring awareness to the imbalance in their chakras – their energy centers throughout their body. I teach the meaning of the chakras and how to align them with meditations. We all have an opportunity to bring significant positive changes into our life through chakra balancing, affirmations and goal setting.

Coloring Meditation – Coloring helps stimulate and promote creativity, relaxation, healing, and other positive states of being. The Coloring Meditation will be a silent one, followed by a time for conversation. Colored pencils, and coloring books will be provided, or you can bring your own.