Learn to Meditate Introduction Special

7 Minutes, $7, 7 Days(Max)

Olivia is dedicated to sharing how meditation can release, stress, struggle and pain in as little as a few minutes each day.  A daily meditation practice is the best gift you can give yourself.  It’s benefits are many. Yet, on days when you need it most, is when you will realize the rewards a daily practice offers.

Register for an opportunity to work with Olivia at an introductory price of $7. Take advantage of this offer for one day or up to seven.  Each session is seven minutes during which Olivia will talk with you about what your needs are and then guide you through a  meditation using visual imagery.  Each person’s experience is unique, yet common comment by people are they feel calmer, more focused, happier.

To get started register, by sending a  text to Olivia at 917-567-4374 (or email her at olivia@healingspace.info), that you want to get started.